Angelo Dundee in Memoriam

Angelo Dundee in Memoriam

Sorry this post is a bit late, but we’re not exactly breaking any news here at the X-Ray Spectator.  Besides, you try drawing memorial portriats.  I just wanted to pay a little tribute to Angelo Dundee, one of the greatest boxing trainers of all time.  Nothing like art to pay tribute.

A Brief Biography

Born Angelo Mirena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dundee is best known for his work as a trainer and cornerman.  He worked with 15 different champions in his career beginning with Tony DeMarco in 1955 and including Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman.  He will always be best remembered for his work with Muhammad Ali.  He was the cornerman in nearly every Ali fight and this is the image I remember of him, watching classic fights on re-runs as a kid.  He passed away on February 1st of this year.  Thanks Angelo.

Loss by TKO in the 90th round.


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