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I heard beards were trending so I'm trying to start the fad for women. If you manufacture beard wigs, you better pick up production because they are gonna start flying off the shelves like....beard wigs! I like playing sports, mostly cycling and swimming. I don't really watch much sport besides rhythmic gymnastics and the odd Barcelona match. I like drawing. I like the back story behind all these supposed sports "heroes" and I like to trash talk pro sports in general for their sexist, greedy nature. Hopefully that translates to more future posts!

Orderly Conduct

Orderly Conduct

O C D  in  S P O R T

It’s match day.

The crowds are descending upon the stadium and tension and anticipation thicken the air with the humidity of rivalry.

A hundred thousand rituals repeated by fans and players alike, to secure a win, to appease some unseen power with a series of benign and often bizarre offerings.
 This is the moment, just before the first whistle, the first touch…that defines one of the most interesting human coping mechanisms. An obsessive behaviour so grounded in sport it has almost become an acceptable characteristic of a successful athlete. For some, obsessive compulsive disorder is a debilitating mental illness, but for others, it is almost a strategy that, when harnessed, can appease anxiousness and develop focus. Read the rest of this entry