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Ozzie Guillen Suspension: Who Loses Most?

Ozzie Guillen Suspension: Who Loses Most?

April 10th, 2012, and Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is suspended for 5 games by his team for saying he admires Fidel Castro.  The suspension raises some issues.  Should athletes be able to say what they want?  What about free speech?

Ozzie Guillen was a successful player and has been, arguably, a more successful manager.  He played throughout my youth and was known for his defense more than anything.  He was however, named to the all-star game a few time.  He began managing shortly after his playing career ended.  He won two World Series’, the first as a coach for the Marlins and the second as the manager of the Chicago White Sox.  The title with the White Sox, in 2005, was the first for the club since 1917 and for many on the South Side of Chicago the man is a hero.  Recently he had signed on to manage the Miami Marlins and become the new ‘face’ of the organization.  They have just built a new ballpark in the city, revamped their uniforms and spent tons on new player acquisitions and wanted Guillen to help guide them in their new era. Read the rest of this entry